Мила Машнова

translated by Victor Fet

Bang! behind my window. Bang, bang!
I open my eyes
Instead of familiar heart in my heels
heels are in my heart
It begins
People! play hide-and-seek!
fall into a coma,
into dоtage, into your second childhood,
make your choice.
Bang! bang!
China in the cabinet clinks…
what is it,
night or day?
a sorrow night-oh-day…
the clock shows three zeros and five,
the fear eats into my soul,
picks at it as a screwdriver
Bang! bang-bang!
Bach! music of Bach!
This is the war howling.
Howling as a woman?
Why does it have an old man’s face?
Mommy, I am afraid!
Let our five-story house
become invisible!
The siren is howling,
so long, so endless
it gives me cramps.
As time passes
I will learn to see
the approaching woe
but now I just lie
on the floor in the hall
listening to the heavy
breathing of fear
that music of Bang! and Bach!

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